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Coaching – the power of Good questions

Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

There was a time in my life when I’ve asked myself several times: “Why?

Those of you that are having kids, you know the feeling… I was like one of those kids, asking all the time: “Why?” “Why?!?!” “Why?, but I was also the one that had to answer. And I got exhausted. “Why?” is not a good question: it is focusing on the past and moreover, most of the time, you’ll not get The Answer – that answer that you want to find. The “WHYs” that children ask can be translated to: “That’s interesting to me, can we talk more about it?”.

So, let’s talk more about it:

I had to change something and focus on “here and now“, and this is what Coaching is doing: it harnesses the power of questions. In another way, for me, Coaching is about asking the right questions and getting out those answers from within you. Coaching is about the belief that individuals have the answers to their own problems within them. I started with myself, and there was one magical question that turned my life and my perspective around, in a very positive way and made me want to practice Coaching.

Right now, I am coaching myself. I’ve been a client and after some trainings I’ve become the Coach for other people, continuing to improve my skills in regards to it.

Is asking and listening, a good practice that can give you a lot of benefits, for both your company and yourself, as an individual? YES, of course it is! This is the way for a good leader to create a great environment for performance and success. It is not about telling people what to do, but rather about asking questions, listening and making it altogether possible.

We all are different, and as my friend, Bogdan Cojocaru, is saying in the article Treat right the people you care about (employees or not) about its importance, ask yourself how can you do this, if you don’t ask Your people about Their values, Their opinions, Their feelings? How will you know how to treat them, to reward them, in a way that will give them meaning. That’s why it is important for your company. Knowing your people will encourage and empower them to take responsibility. It will improve your individual, organizational performance and it will help you identify their strengths and development opportunities. You’ll have the ability to motivate and empower individuals to excel. Give them coaching opportunities, to know each other better. Give them a place to be asked and listened. Care about your team and their voice!

What about your voice? We all have a voice within. When was the last time you’ve asked questions about Yourself and when have you last listened to that voice within? Before coaching others, I’ve coached myself. I’ve asked myself several questions and I knew that the answers that are coming from within me are the ones that matter. I started to put names to my feelings. I really didn’t know there was such a rich dictionary for my feelings and I tried to name everything that I feel and I am facing. I got to know myself better by knowing what I want and also what would be the worst that can happen if I do not get what I want. So why not give Coaching a try?

If I did not convince you yet about the value, efficacy, and impact of coaching, I will ask you something, and please take some notes for yourself. Answer these questions:

How do you feel about it?

How does it feel to ask about yourself and listen to yourself?

I would be grateful to discuss with you about this, can we?

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